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Design a perfect library logo in minutes

Design a perfect library logo in minutes Design a perfect library logo in minutes

Design a perfect library logo in minutes

Appeal to book lovers with 46+ distinctive library logo templates to make a memorable design.

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  • I’m on the parent-teacher group at an elementary school. PosterMyWall is a lifesaver, saves me so much time from having to come up with everything from scratch!

    Mandee Haase
    Mandee Haase
    School Teacher
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    Margery M.
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    Mary A.

How to make a library logo

Choose a design from the library logos template gallery
Personalize it: change colors, edit text, or add images and videos
Download, share, or publish it online to build your brand identity
Make your own library logo
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Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I add transparent background to my logo design?
Go to the Select a Type of Background option in the editor. Click on Transparent to get a transparent background for your logo.
How can I add a logo to a Brand Kit?
You can create Brand Kits if you are a PosterMyWall Premium user. Head to the My Stuff page, where you will see a Brand Kit section to the left. When you click on ‘Create a new brand’, followed by the ‘Upload a logo’ button, you can add your logo, which can later be accessed in the My Photos menu.
Can I download my logo for free?
Yes, you can download your logo for free. For high quality, you can download your image design for $2.99 and a video design for $14.99. Alternatively, get unlimited free downloads by subscribing to a PosterMyWall Premium plan.
How can I create a free PosterMyWall Classroom Account?
You can create a free PosterMyWall Classroom Account by upgrading the PosterMyWall account you have. To upgrade now, click here.
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